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For many years, I have taught adult sexuality education classes and workshops. I have also given lectures, presentations, and workshops for college level students. What I see time and again is that people have grown up without basic knowledge of human sexuality.

Just because you’ve outgrown awkward car handies and your sexual repertoire has progressed passed the Thrust and Grunt, it doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to learn when it comes to sex. In fact, there are some startling sex myths still percolating around the grown-up water cooler.

An easy technique that enhances intimate connection is the coital alignment technique. The man slides two to four inches forward from the typical missionary position. Instead of resting on his elbows, his arms should cup his partner’s shoulders so his body lies flat against hers. Both partners’ spines should be straight, and the base of his penis should naturally rub the woman’s clitoris.